PARABLES of m. Varnava (in English). Part 1.

Монах Варнава. Маленькие притчи. Том 1

Monk Varnava. Small parables. Vol 1.

Перевела: Голомолзина Екатерина


Настоящая любовь

 “The Real Love”

One day a maelstrom saw a wonderful lily on a bank.

And the maelstrom decided to make it belong to the maelstrom at all costs.

The maelstrom offered everything to the lily. To ride on its fast waves, to feel chill of the water in an unbearable heat and to try a whirlpool of various entertainments and pleasure.

The beauty started to hesitate.

A beetle, who was hopelessly in love with the lily, tried to dissuade the lily:

“The maelstrom will ruin you! You will parish!”

But the lily wouldn’t listen to him!

“The maelstrom is so strong, handsome and… somewhat mysterious. I’ll accept its proposal”, the lily objected.

“That’s how you feel it!” screamed the beetle, “well then, see what is going to happen to you if accept that proposal!”

Having folded its wings the beetle rushed onto the surface of the maelstrom. In no time did it ruthlessly whirled and spun the beetle. And the beetle immediately disappeared from lily’s eyes and never appeared again. Only then the lily realized what a real love was like.

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 “The Envy”

Once the envy came to the shop. It had some money enough to buy some bread.

And suddenly the envy saw a man buying a pie for one ruble…

What the envy saw made it rush out of the shop immediately!

The envy decided to drink at least some water from the well. The envy took the biggest bucket so that everyone would envy it.

The man’s wife happened to be staying near the well. Her pails were light, the rockers were colourful.

The envy threw away its bucket and ran away from the village. The envy had no food or water…

It lay on the hill that was high enough, and began to envy itself, as there used to be time when it never envied anyone…




“The Conscience”

The conscience kept on talking to a man once, twice, three times…

When they had spoken for the fourth time, the man decided to get rid of the conscience. Forever!

Having thought for some time the man made up his mind how to do it.

“Let’s play hide-and-seek!” the man offered the conscience.

“No, you will cheat and spy on me!” the conscience replied.

And then the man pretended he was ill:

“I feel so bad… Bring me some milk from the cellar!”

The conscience couldn’t refuse. It went downstairs. And the man immediately got up from his bed and locked the conscience in the cellar.

The man was so glad that he invited his friends. He cheated one friend, insulted the other with a light heart. When his friends started to get offended the man turned them out from his house without feeling remorse. His soul was calm.


Everything was fine but the fact that the man started to feel lack of something. In a month he understood he needed the conscience. He felt terrible grief and opened the door of the cellar.

“OK, get out! And do not command any more!” the man said.

The silence was the answer.

The man went downstairs and didn’t find the conscience.

He really seemed to get rid of the conscience forever…

The man started to cry:

“How will I live without the conscience?”

Suddenly the man heard a very quiet voice from his heart:

“I’m here…”

The man called his friends and apologized for his wrong doings. And he made such a feast!

Everyone thought it was the man’s birthday and congratulated him on it. The man took the congratulations and the conscience didn’t mind it. Not because it was afraid of being imprisoned again.

That’s a likely story if we get down to what had happened!


Ilustrator: Viacheslav Polezhaev